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Theme Nights

Missions round up

WANTED: Boys and Girls willing to support missions through prayer and giving.
No experience necessary!

You'll have several ways you can help support our Missions fund raising efforts this next month. Perhaps your family will want to work/pray together. Or you can do some extra chores for money to bring. Or maybe you like to bake. Or you can serve by helping set up or sell baked goods. We'll have some fun contests to see which group can bring the most money per person each evening. There will also be special games all month. AND a Bake Sale on Sunday, February 17, between Worship and Sunday School. Watch for a special flyer with details about the Bake Sale.

For the money you bring each week, the cattle on the bulletin board will be rounded up and placed in the corral. How many will we rope in? 25? 40? More? For every $4 brought, a steer will come off of the range and enter the corral. Our goal is $200 or 50 head of cattle.

January 30 - Cowboy & Cowgirl Night

Get your boots polished and your hat dusted off! Let's see how many cowboys and cowgirls we can have tonight. Extra points for dressing the part. Which group will bring the most money - Cowboys or Cowgirls?

February 6 - Campfire Night

It's quiet on the range tonight — except for seeing which color team in Sparks and T & T can bring the most money. There might even be a 'campfire' snack during Small Group Time.

February 13 - New Sheriff in Town

During Opening Ceremony, each Spark and T & T clubber will be given a silver or gold deputy star.  Which group of deputies will have brought the most money?

February 20 - Trusted Steed Night (Only 8 Handbook Nights left!)

The horses got loose! Who can bring the most horses and money to club - Sparks or T & T? You may bring a stick horse (that you have or make), a picture of a horse, or dress like a horse for extra points.

February 27 - Round Up Night

How many heads of cattle did we round up? We'll celebrate our success!


Saturday, February 16 - T & T Bible Quiz
Sunday, February 17 - Bake Sale between Worship & Sunday School
April 10 - No Clubs! Please join us for a presentation of This Day of Resurrection
April 17 - Last Handbook Night
April 24 - Award Service Rehearsal and Game Night (everyone should attend!)
Saturday, May 4, 5:00 PM - Award Service and Carnival

We celebrate the clubbers’ accomplishments from the year at an Award Service and Carnival on the first Saturday evening in May. All clubbers participate and are recognized at our Award Service. We then enjoy a pizza supper and 'carnival style' games. Clubbers receive one carnival game ticket for each 100 points earned each Wednesday throughout the year. All games offer prizes including coupons to redeem for larger prizes at the end of the Carnival.  It's a great way to end the year!