Awana Award Service & Carnival

Award Serivce and Carnival
Saturday, May 4
5 p.m.

You are invited to join us in recognizing the accomplishments of the clubbers at our Award Service.  Immediately following, we will have a pizza meal and carnival.

Pizza tickets may be purchased during Awana Clubs on Wednesday evenings or Sunday mornings April 17 - May 1.  Each meal consists of one or two slices of pizza, a can of pop, and a cookie.  Watch for information on prices.

Our fun-filled evening will finish by 8:00 PM.

Details for Clubbers and their families:

If your clubber can’t attend, please let the Commander know as soon as possible.  We will give certificates and awards on Wednesday, April 24 to those clubbers.

All clubbers need to be in the Fellowship Hall no later than 4:55 PM.  Children may arrive as early as 4:45 PM.  Those in the Fellowship Hall by 4:50 PM will get an extra Carnival ticket.  Clubbers must be in uniform!  Parents and visitors should be seated in the Sanctuary.

Clubbers have earned points throughout the year that are converted into Carnival tickets.  These tickets will be handed out on Wednesday, April 24, at our rehearsal. Please help your clubber remember to bring their tickets!

Please purchase your pizza meal tickets in advance!  There is usually a very limited amount of extra pizza the night of the Carnival – we can’t guarantee you’ll get a slice if you wait until that evening.

It is important for your clubber to attend on Wednesday, April 24.  We will divide the time between rehearsing for the Award Service and playing games.  

Beginning in April you may a sign-up list will be available on the Awana bulletin board if you can help “run” a game for 45 minutes the night of the Carnival.  We are accepting donations for the Silent Auction and redemption tables through Wednesday, May 1.  (Any size donation is appreciated – perhaps something your child likes?)